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Chinese Class

There is no Challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself.

So... This past Saturday we had our first Chinese class and I think that it is safe to say that it is going to be HARD as STONE (lol) to master Chinese. Our teacher is fabulous though and I am excited to work with her more. We have class every Saturday from 2pm-5pm in the basement of the hotel which is very convenient but I wish it was more than once a week. Every class we will have a test over what we learned the class before and our homework will be due.

During our first class we went over Chinese grammar (tones and the 38 Finals and 21 Initials), pronunciation and stroke order. The school gave us beautiful calligraphy sets that we have no idea how to use but they are pretty. So far the only thing that seems familiar to English are the vowels which are A O E I U Ú. There are four different tones in Chinese and my voice does not fluctuate for anything. The teacher laughs every time its my turn to repeat the phrase on the board and says "You need more practice" in her lil Chinese accent. So funny lol.

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Sanitation in Nanjing

I apologize a head of time for my lack of understanding China and the Chinese

First let me say that the Chinese that I have come across (both in America and here in Nanjing) are some of the most well mannered people on the planet... HOWEVER I must say that since I have been in this country I have seen some very disturbing occurrences and I don't know how I should feel about them.

It seems to be the norm that outside of the hotel the bathrooms in the stores and restaurants do not have toilet paper or soap available... PERIOD. Now I have not seen people walking around with toilet paper rolls or sanitizer so I think it is safe to say that many people just don't wipe or wash their hands here. I have also seen many people walk straight out of the stalls and exit the bathroom with out any shame as if it is customary to not wash your hands. I don't know... that perturbs me.

Kyle and I decided last week to do some exploring on the subway. We randomly got off at the second stop to go to the Confucius Temple and realized once we walked for blocks and blocks and never saw it that we should come up with a plan B. Long story short we went to Agua World. Aqua World is a huge shopping complex with many different levels and fountains woven throughout the layout of the mall in such a way that when you are walking from store to store water is at your side. Well... I assumed that the puddles along the walk ways were from the fountains splashing BUT, then it happened. Out of the corner of my eye while we were walking out of McDonald's I saw a little boy around 3 years old wiggling by the fountain with his pants down and naked booty out. His dad was trying to get him to pee in the fountain. Then about 20 minutes later when we were walking out of H&M I saw a woman pulling her daughters pants up after holding her over the fountain to pee.

Now! I knew that babies did not wear diapers in China and that they would go on the side of the STREET but a fountain in a nice mall??? Um... K.

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American Food in Nanjing

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So far I have been in Nanjing for 12 days and it already feels like home. We spent the first couple of days exploring the city walking in a new direction from the hotel everyday. One day we turned left to see where it took us and the next day we turned right until we had seen the whole area that surrounded the hotel.

We eat in the Cafe every morning for free and it is delicious. The green tea is a must have. When we are craving American food though we will go across the street to McDonald's or down the street to Pizza Hut. They are completely different than in the states.

McDonald's only has the Double Cheese Burger and the Big Mac from the states but all the other burgers are Asiafied (ex. Soy Burger). Instead of Apple Pies they have something that looks the same but its stuffed with bananas. The two American burgers taste the same but the fries have less salt and are not as greasy.

Pizza Hut is soooooo good here! The menu is GINORMOUS with an obscene amount of drinks and desserts. I had the Green Tea Ice cream Cake which was good if you took off the top layer of powdery stuff and a Mango Shake. The inside of the restaurant looked like an upscale restaurant which was different than the Pizza Hut's in America.

KFC is also here and they deliver on bikes around the city but I have yet to be there. I will be visiting Pizza Hut and McDonald's though on the regular when I am craving American food.

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Getting to Nanjing

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. -Lao Tzu

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Day 1 started on June 24th, 2010 when I woke up after 3 hours of sleep to catch the Lafayette Shuttle at Purdue to take me to the Indianapolis Airport.

I said my goodbye, shed a few tears and started the long journey to CHINA! Almost two hours later the shuttle arrived at the airport and I met Melissa, one of the other interns, in line at check in. We both had the most difficult time sliding our passports through the electronic check-in machines and intern got yelled at by the Delta workers for not printing our E-tickets. I quickly fell in love with Melissa though as I watched her whole family scurry to make her suitcase under 50 pounds with a good 20 people still in line behind us impatiently waiting. It was then that I knew our journey to China would be a hilarious one.

Once our plane arrived in Detroit we met up with all of the other interns (Melissa, Kyle, Jared and Blair rode the 14 hour plane to Shanghai with me and we met Elizabeth at the hotel once we arrived in Nanjing). Wait back to the 14 hour plane ride!

O M G! The plane was huge. It had 9 seats per row split in to three bundles and probably almost 80 rows throughout. Every seat had a screen on the headrest for watching free movies, checking flight information and listening to cd's. I watched 4 movies (Alice in Wonderland, When in Rome, The Book of Eli and something else) and passed out with my Snuggie.

Many, many hours later and with a kink in my neck i departed the plane and met my new family in Shanghai.

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