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Working in Concierge

This will be brief because I have work in 20 minutes.

Concierge is apart of the Front Desk Department. The staff in Concierge consist of the Bellmen, Doormen and Drivers. The youngest person in this department is 16 and their are 2 women not including myself.

It is probably one of the easiest departments at the Jinling because it is not as busy as Reception and the work is rather routine. We check in peoples luggage, store items, give out maps of the city, make travel reservations for outside of the hotel and prepare the parking tickets. Most of the time I spend standing in the lobby smiling at guests saying "Ni Hao". Luckily everyone in the department is beautiful and pretty much male so I get to work with hot guys all day lol.

Random Stories

1. One day I was standing at the desk appearing busy when I heard a loud noise to my right. I quickly looked up, startled and saw a guest hawk his spit in to a plant in the corner of the lobby. No one in the area was alarmed by this occurrence except for me. I don't understand what made this guest think that that was ok to do EVER but especially in the lobby of the best hotel in Nanjing. So gross!

2. Since we do not have much else to do but talk to one another I have found out that so many people that I work with are actually married to fellow staff members (often times in the same department) and you would never know that they were husband and wife. It is very strange to me because in America that is almost unheard of (to work with your spouse at a corporate company) but it is even more interesting because they don't act like they have that type of relationship at all. Everyone knows but they don't wear a ring, don't talk at work and just walk past one another like they don't know each other. Very discreet and funny.

3. Yesterday an English guest came to the desk very sweaty and flustered. He wanted a China Daily newspaper and he wanted it immediately. I quickly asked him where he was headed and told him that I would personally hand deliver his paper to wherever he is. He replied "Well I am going to the bar so good luck finding me" and walked away. The paper came to the desk from Housekeeping about 7 minutes later and I remembered that the man was white, wearing a blue shirt and walked upstairs so I figured he went to the Pacific Bar and Grill that is on the second floor of the hotel. I walked up there and found him drinking at a table alone. He looked up very surprised to see me (I don't think he thought I would really bring him his paper). He said, "You are too kind. Thank you for being so considerate" and I said "Of course, have a good day" and went back to the front desk.

I know you are thinking... what is my point but little things like that happen in the hotel and I really like them. It is nice being helpful.

Got to go to work.

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Tuesday Night Front Desk- Reception Party/Dinner

Han Shan Chens Korean BBQ Restaurant + 3 Interns + Jinling's Reception Department = AMAZING NIGHT!

O M G! That is all I have to say. No I'm kidding this will be a long one. Lets just say that I am absolutely in love with my life right now. Last night was amazing for so many reasons.

- Ordering in China (one menu, one person orders for everyone, many small dishes that everyone nibbles off of)
- Gambei and Cheers all night (Chinese custom)
- Work culture and Family Life= private
- Partying with Coworkers= necessary
- Getting too drunk is encouraged
- Smoking in No Smoking Area is not enforced
- So much food!

- Meet outside of Gucci at Jie Xiu Square
- Ran for Gelato in Sub Station (gate closed in our face)
- Laughed and walked around downtown
- Went to Lounge and Cigar Bar in Jinling for bday Cuban and drinks
- Walked him to his bike parked out front at 11:45pm
- Sent me a txt when he got home
- "I have really enjoy your bday present.. it's strange because seems that you know me better than some of my friends do ;)"

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Update on the Past Week

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After the frantic emails and messages from loved ones who think I have been kidnapped in China I thought it was only right to explain what I have been up to. I haven't been online much because I haven't been in my room really.

I work mostly nights now 3pm-11pm and I have been going out like non-stop. It has been amazing.

Can't really go in to much detail because this is published on the world wide web but let's just say China and I are getting along a lot better now.

I love it and I know that I will miss so many new friends when it is time to return to the States.

My trainer in Concierge (Robin) is sooo cute and super funny. He invited me out to KTV (Karaoke) today and I sang English and Chinese songs with like ten of his classmates from the university from 5pm-9pm. And then we walked to the hair salon to get his hair cut. We got so many looks because I am sure that a Chinese guy with a African American girl is not a regular occurrence in China.

Anyway at the KTV club I belted out Michael Jackson's Remember the Time and Lady Gaga's Poker Face. I listened to about 20 different Chinese songs that from the videos looked oober sappy and lovey dovey. The music videos usually included a girl's face all in the screen singing about a boy she loves and then she usually dies at the end from cancer (lol not funny but funny). So different than American music videos.

I went out with my new friend Giorgio from Florence, Italy last night. That was awesome because we did a mini bar crawl with just the two of us to pretty interesting venues. We spent about an hour at each bar and just talked about Italy, America, China, music and history. He is 24 and speaks English, Italian and Mandarin fluently. He has lived in China since he was 19 and his major is Chinese but he works as an architect for a Chinese company designing new construction that resembles ancient Chinese traditional architecture. I met him at Mazzo which is our favorite club in the 1912 District.

Other than that I have been working at Concierge (standing and smiling for 8 hours a day) and I finally gave my English Club presentation on Wednesday which was awesome. I gave a short interactive powerpoint presentation entitled "Why Americans Are Fat" and we played two games (one was a Guess Which Food is More Fattening game that I created and the second game was called Hodgey Podgey). We laughed away the hour and I got to get to know my coworkers a little better.

Today before KTV with Robin I went to lunch in the hotel with my roommate and worked out for like 2 hours which was soooooo over due. Then I sat in the sauna and sweated away some pounds.

Note to Self: My future home will require a sauna.

OK that's it for now.

I am going to lay in my bed, watch Roots and go to sleep.

Love you! Miss you! Stay tuned... lol.

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Random Things That I've Noticed

I apologize for my blog-slacking but I have been very busy recently. I have been jotting down things that I plan to write about though and have a few minutes to upload my list of observations so far. It has now been 3 weeks and 4 days since I have been living and working in Nanjing and I have been on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

The first two weeks were very difficult for me. The culture shock was more extreme than I had anticipated and for the first time in my life I was truly home sick (for my parents, friends and native country).

It is interesting how it takes being outside of America to realize how American you really are. I honestly never viewed myself as a "true American" (whatever that means). Maybe it is because in my country I always felt like a subset of America but since I have been here in China I realize how truly American I am. I love my country and our customs (the good and the not so good ones). China is awesome and I am so happy to experience this culture but it is a polar opposite of America.

I have noticed that...

-Men don't wear wedding rings even though they are married
-Guys will carry their girlfriends purse down the street
-Women hold hands with one another on a regular basis (and they are not Gay)
-Men hug and embrace each other a lot more than in America
-Men would rather be slim and sleek then muscular and strong looking
-It is considered bad luck to talk about death
-Though the people are highly regulated by the government (ex. Their is no freedom of religion) at work their are little rules yet everything is in order (ex. People don't punch in to prove what time they arrived they are just expected to be on time, lunch is a strict 20-30 min and people make sure they do not go over and everyone makes sure everyone is following the rules not just superiors)
-Asian men get very hands on when they are drunk
-Women wear heels constantly and little flowy (sp?) dresses
-Women wear "Sun Umbrellas" during the day to shade themselves from the sun (it is important to keep their skin white)
-Asian men love basketball (ex. Kobe, Lebron and Iverson)
-Clothes are very cheap here unless they are American brands, then they are crazy expensive. (ex. Jordans=$300)
-I have not met a single black person from America, everyone that I have met has been from Africa or Jamaica
-All the clubs play hip-hop and rap from the early 2000s (edited version)
-Their are no labor protection laws such as sexual harassment, discrimination or rules against firing. They just say, "your fired" for no reason"=no job security

Ok That is it for now.


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Night Out in the City

A taste of Munich and 1912 Club Scene

rain 80 °F
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The other interns and I went out last night to dinner and hit the bar scene in 1912. It was amazing! The night started off a little rocky as we attempted to catch cabs without the bellmen’s help. I swear the cab drivers are raciest. It took 15 minutes of cabs driving past us and letting the Asians 10 feet away get in or them straight yelling “No, NO, NOOO” to us before we finally found someone who would give us a ride. I think it is because they know we are not from China and therefore don't know Chinese which we don't but thats wrong to profile. We could have been studying Chinese for like 10 years and be fluent but ANYWHO!

Once we arrived at the restaurant Paulaner Brauhaus we quickly fell in love with the old German atmosphere and the cute little Asian waitresses with their almost flawless English. I ordered the Kaiserschmarrn dessert and a Remy Martin (Kyle’s favorite). The live band laughed at the rowdy Americans in the front (aka us) and we started our partying for the night.

We arrived at 1912 club district around 8:30 pm and quickly started club hoping. The first club was a foreign club named Blue Sky which was full of older people but it was cool because the band from the Philippians played all American Motown songs. We went to about 9 different clubs and never paid for anything because as soon as we walked in we stole all of the attention and people would just run up to us and get all excited that we were American and lay out the red carpet for us. It was hilarious. I guess they are just happy to see some diversity. Some of the men were a little too physical and Kyle had to check a couple of them but all in all it was a very safe and enjoyable night.

Side note: People don’t walk around on their phones like they do in America. When I see people eating at restaurants (even teenagers) and at parties I don’t see cell phones out anywhere. They really pay undivided attention to the people that they are around face to face. It is nice.

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