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You May Not Want China for An Extended Stay If...

  • Facebook, Google and Youtube are your best friends
  • You are not comfortable with being the minority
  • You are highly religious (90% claim no religion here and the gov suggests it stay this way)
  • You don't eat pork
  • You like fresh vegetables as opposed to steamed or tempura
  • Crowds make you nervous
  • Good hygiene is important to you
  • Clean air is a necessity
  • You don't smoke cigarettes
  • You are not attracted to small/flat/pale people
  • You weigh more than 130 pounds or wear a shoe size larger than children sizes
  • Smog covered skies effect your mood
  • You are from Africa because they call it "Feizhou" which means Ugly (America is Meiguo= Beautiful)

And last but not least...

  • You don't know Chinese

I'll update this if I think of any others.

Hope this helps answer some questions. Remember this is just my point of view. Please feel free to come and see for yourself.

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This is a Disclaimer

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Just for the record!

I sent all of my winter clothes home like a Dummy two weeks before it turned in to WINTER so I officially have one pair of pants (yes, the grey ones that you keep seeing me in in my photos) that I will be wearing for the next month. Just thought you all should know that.

Oh and guess what I did at work today in the Laundry Department! I taught the ladies how to put their hair in a bun. It was sooo funny. They all came in to the back room with old laundry bag bands, ready to put their hair in a pony tail and follow my demonstration. Who knew there were so many items that you could use as a form to construct a bun. Ladies came with super fat scrunchies, socks, etc. It was fun!

And I will have you know that this shows great growth on my behalf because in the past I coveted my bun skills and kept my abilities a secret but now I am embracing the fact that everyone envies my hair and I have decided to share the wealth. I am trying to not practice the scarcity mentality. Soon all of Jinling will be looking like the back of my head.

AWESOME! Maybe I finally found my calling lol.

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Laundry Department

The last phase of Housekeeping

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It is officially day 3 of my time in the Laundry Department. This is the most detailed oriented and professionally anal place that I have ever worked in (in my life) which isn't saying much since I have not had many jobs. I will say that it is the most practical department that I have interned in thus far.

I absolutely love working in Housekeeping all together and Laundry is a nice break from cleaning rooms. These past weeks doing that work were in many ways the most beneficial weeks of this internship because I learned so much and was able to truly help with the operations of the hotel but they were HARD! People in this department deserve some serious recognition because they work HHHHAAAARRRRRDDDD! Many of these woman have been doing this work for 10, 15, 20 years! I don't know how they do it. Here I am, a young intern and I am dying trying to keep up with these floor attendants. They are remarkable.

Ok enough of me drooling over these people. On to what I am doing this week in Laundry.

My trainer is... Idk her name because I couldn't understand what she said when she introduced herself in her broken Ching-lish and her name tag is so old (she has been working here for over 20 years) that the letters have become invisible but she is cool. She doesn't trust me to not mess up the laundry so she is very overbearing but I understand because if I mess up she gets in trouble and China doesn't play. But all in all she is a great trainer and I really admire how good her English is considering the fact she never took an English class. Plus she gives me tons of breaks during work so I love her for that.

I am to report to the basement at 8:30 am ready to grab a giant wheelbarrow looking thing and get on the elevator to go floor by floor picking up laundry that has been collected by the housekeepers on every floor. I then log the collected laundry and bring it back to the basement. In the sorting room I go one room at a time and count the items for every guest, sort them by type (pants vs shirts, etc.) and label them with this labeling machine that burns my fingers from the hot glue. Once this is done, usually around 10:30am, I clean up my work station and go on break until about 1:00pm when the laundry is done. Then I check that the laundry is in fact clean, package it by room number and deliver it back to the guest.

The work is very routine and slightly mundane but I like how organized the whole operation is. I can go all day and maybe say 5 words which is a little lonely at times but I am only here for a week.

Next week I move to Jin's Cafe which is the main restaurant in the lobby of the hotel that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don't really want to move to there because I have gotten used to Housekeeping and not having to wear make up or deal with guests. Jin's will be a complete 180 from Housekeeping. I will have to look my best at all times because EVERYONE goes there and it is open from 5:45am to 12am so who knows what my hours will be. AHHH! Maybe I will request to stay in Housekeeping for a little longer. Idk. We shall see.

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For the Past Month

... I know I have been MIA. Here is a quick run down of what I have been up too.

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So as many of you know I had a "Special Friend" that I have been spending ALL of my time with lately. That "friendship" is now over but here's what we did.

  • Attended soccer game at HoHai University

-Absolutely hilarious
-Mostly African + the random Costa Rican guy
-It had been raining all afternoon so the field was super muddy and the air was humid but I was still out there as the main photographer for the day

  • Bowling with the Seychelles crew

-I have never bowled so poorly in my life
-Fun times
-I tried to pick up a ball and bowl with my left hand but the ball weighed me down so much that I busted my butt in the lane next to me= Asian's cracking up for a good 45 seconds

  • Went to the rollerskating rink

-See diary for details
-Same as in America yet no funky old guys thinking their smooth doing old disco moves on roller skates
-Random people sang songs in Chinese (horribly) while we skated around in a circle= got old after about 20 minutes
-Crowd was mostly 16-25 year olds
-Guys were better than girls and were not afraid to bust out their graceful footwork with ballet hands and all (truly hilarious! Not a manly bone in these guys bodies)

  • Getting Massages

-My "Special Friend" got the Cupping massage which involves many plastic cups being attached to your back by lighting them on fire and then sucking your skin with them (as you can see I am not sure how they work) but they are supposed to suck the sickness out of you. I did not have it done because they leave big circles on your back for a week that are very unsightly. Plus he said it hurt and for the next couple of days I remember he was really irritable (don't know if that was a side effect or just foreshadowing our demise) but ya I didn't do it.

  • Touring the city

-Took my friend to Starbucks for the first time
-He took me to the river boats and kite watching

  • Nanjing Museum with my Chinese Class

-This deserves a whole entry to itself

When I wasn't with my "Special Friend" and when I wasn't busy working on the Independent Research project I was at the Nanjing Tourism School learning how to cook dumplings

  • See photos in photo gallery

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Housekeeping Department

This is my emphasis (meaning I will spend a month in this department and it is what my research assignment is based on) for the internship and I am embarking on Day 3.

Housekeeping has been a WORKOUT! Who knew hotels were so hardcore when it came to cleaning rooms (even the vacant ones that were never touched). I see why Jinling has won so many awards for their Housekeeping department. It is an honor to work with these people because they are true professionals and have taught me more in the two days that I have worked in this department than this whole internship experience combined. I love it but it is very strenous.

Some of my everyday tasks are too...
-Move the bed and the couch from the wall to vaccum
-Empty everythign out of the refrigerator and pull it away from the wall and clean it with a tooth brush and tooth paste (it is amwazing how tooth paste makes everything white shiny and and prestine
-Unscrew the air filters in the ceilings (about 3 per room and 14 or 24 rooms on a floor depending on the room type)
-Polish all of the metal in the room (36 items in the bathroom alone)
-Vaccum the public areas
-Change the ashtrays by the elevators
-Dust EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE including the inside of every draw, picture frame and underneath the furniture covers

My trainer is named Crystal and she is sooooo cute! Smaller than me but she can WORK! The Chinese have an amazing work ethic. We all need to get on their level. Their are so many rules in Housekeeping (ex. Don't use the service elevator unless you are going more than 3 floors down and more than two floors up) and no one breaks them. Everyone abides by the rules just because they are supposed to and they don
t cut corners at all. It is almost like a Managers Utopia.

I am very pleased with this experience and I know that when I get back to the States I will be amore well rounded individual.

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