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Day on the Town PG Style

I had a nice day on Sunday museum hoping!


  1. Nanjing Museum for the oil paint exhibition

  1. Nanjing Massacre Museum


The Nanjing Museum was very large (about 5 stories) and had an awesome exhibition of different oil paints that covered the first 3 floors of the museum. The first floor was from all Chinese artists, the second floor was foreign artists (one original Picasso piece) and the third floor was traditional Chinese scrolls and sculptures.

I went with my "Special Friend" who isn't so special anymore but it was nice going with him because as an artist himself he was able to teach me a lot about the paintings. He talked about the arrangements and told me the techniques that were used. Even though he was super critical and felt the need to grade every painting as Pass or Fail it was still fun to argue with him if I saw a painting that really spoke to me and he hated it. I noticed that I interpret art by how it makes me feel and by the vibe that the piece gives off while he paid very close attention to the technique. This is probably because I don't know anything about art so all I have to base my opinion on is how it speaks to me emotionally.

Side Note: When I think about it, this is what people do naturally about anything that they don't know a lot about. They will just speak on the subject emotionally because at the end of the day all you have to base things on are your emotions.

Any who after that we went to the most depressing place in Nanjing. I have been trying to get to the Nanjing Massacre Museum since I arrived in this city but it was closed for most of my experience for renovations. Well lets just say... it was a trip that I would never like to repeat but I am happy I know the details now. Long story short in the 1930's Japan invaded Nanjing and raped, pillaged and murdered over 300,000 people over about 2 weeks. The whole city was destroyed and even now the people of Nanjing hold a deap resentment towards Japanese people and the country of Japan does not acknowledge that this event ever occurred.

The museum is a very dramatic environment with dark lighting and many reenactment displays. It was HUGE and I had a throbbing headache by the end from all of the horrible stories from eye witnesses and pictures of infants that were shot to death, children being decapitated, women being gang raped and bodies being burned. It was awful! They had so many remains in glass cases and it was just too much! My friend and I plus one other foreigner were the only three non-Chinese in the building and many people were looking at us like we didn't belong there. I think they thought of it as "this isn't our history so why do we care" but at the end of the day this stuff happens everywhere and humanity is humanity.

Appreciate your life!

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